Celso Diniz | Miami Commercial and Fashion Photographer

Celso Diniz | Miami Commercial and Fashion Photographer

Celso Diniz is a Miami, Florida commercial photographer specialized in fashion, swimwear, sportswear, jewelry and commercial photography.


You have always dreamed of becoming a professional fashion model, just like the legendary Cindy Crawford or the more contemporary Kendall Jenner. You want to be the face of brands like Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Dior, Versace, at the most important fashion weeks of New York, Milano, Paris, and London.

Usually, one important obstacle dashes the dreams of most aspiring runway models: the unforgiving beauty standards of the fashion industry. Thankfully, you are already gifted with natural beauty, healthy hair, nice smile and great legs. And, you also fit the physical requirements for a female runaway fashion icon: 5'9" and taller with 34" chest, 24" waist, and 34" hips.

Meeting these standards puts you in a small, select group of women. So, you took care of your education, finished your modeling classes, and now you are ready to take your modeling career to the next level. You begin contacting the most elite modeling agencies in Miami. However, is it all you need? Are you missing any “detail”? The answer is yes, you need your modeling portfolio.

A modeling portfolio is a “must have” tool to break into the fashion industry. Whether you contact an agency, go to an open call, or participate in a casting, you need a modeling portfolio. It is your fashion CV. The way to show potential employers your best work and, most importantly, how you look like under the lens of a camera. It is the first thing they would want to see from you, it is your first impression. For this reason, it is important to carefully create this piece to make sure you have a memorable impact.

It goes without saying, but your portfolio must have gorgeous and professional photos of you. Make an investment and hire a commercial fashion photographer that will understand the trends of the industry and help you look your best. Most importantly, he can suggest the best angles and poses while giving you some makeup and wardrobe advice. During the photoshoot, make sure your pictures capture the essence of what you can bring as a model: your personality and ability to portray varied characters and moods. Your individuality should shine in these photos. Think Cara Delevingne’s personality and charisma on the catwalk.

With your photos taken, it is time to select the best ones. Don’t be surprised if only one to three of the many photos you took are a WAO. Your portfolio should show variety, from angles and positions to looks and outfits. Here are some things to consider:

1.    Photography Styles: Make sure to include different styles of photography and poses including:


portrait headshots,

Example of headshot by Miami commercial photographer Celso Diniz. Model Ayla Maugans.


profile shots,

Example of profile photo by Miami commercial photographer Celso Diniz. Model Molly J Curley.



and editorial images.

Example of editorial image by by Miami commercial photographer Celso Diniz. Model Dominique Ehrl.


2.    Color. Consider including black & white images in your portfolio. 


black and white images.

Example of black and white images by Miami commercial photographer Celso Diniz. Model: Rebeca Nuñez.


3.    Wardrobe: Include photos of you wearing a



Example of image by Miami commercial photographer Celso Diniz. Model Bianca Rodríguez.



Example of image by Miami commercial photographer Celso Diniz. Model Alexa Collins.


a formal dress, 

Example of image by Miami commercial photographer Celso Diniz. Model Samantha DiGiacomo


and casual clothing.

Example of image by Miami commercial photographer Celso Diniz. Model Daria Skaya

The goal is to show the agencies your versatility, so each photo should tell a new story about you.

Once the selection is done, it is equally important to put the photos in a professionally printed book. In New York, the recommended sizes are 9×12 and 11×14. In Miami, snapshot sized “mini-books” are a popular trend. As a new model, six to 12 photos are adequate to include in your portfolio, 20 should be a maximum.

The road to becoming a professional fashion model is tricky. It is a super-fast and competitive environment. It’s not an easy journey but, if you succeed, you will spend your days doing what you love while getting the attention of adoring fans. Many models started just like you: with their talent, natural beauty, and modeling portfolio. It is worth taking the time and money to ensure your first impression makes the right impression. A strong modeling portfolio will only increase your possibilities of success. Do not waste your shot by not being ready.

So prepare, then put on your best outfit and makeup, pick up your modeling portfolio, and get out there. The catwalk is calling you!

By Lennnair